Your website platform is ready.

Granville Station makes it easy create a local lead-gen website program for your franchises, agents & brokers, and distributors.

Themes and Content

Your website platform begins with themes and content, specific to your brand requirements.

Rich Functionality

Add blogs, automated content syndication, image galleries, customized lead forms and much more to meet the unique needs of your industry.

Incredibly Easy

Offer a powerful and flexible website platform custom-tailored to your market that has zero learning curve.

How it works

Granville Station is designed for creating and managing from one website to many sites. You decide what is best for you and your program. The platform allows you to choose the track you want to take and the options you want to make available to each site owner. Remember, you are in control. You’ll meet the increasing need for easy to manage, results-driven websites, without compromising your brand or losing corporate control, while empowering franchisees to build a locally-focused web presence to help grow their businesses.

Step 1 - Design Your Website Program

We begin by working with you to design a custom website program that meets your needs. You choose the content, functionality, and flexibility. Give your website owners control of the parts they need while locking down the parts you need control over.

Step 2 - Create Your Site Designs and Content

Once your website program is designed, we'll implement it on the Granville Station platform. This includes developing the themes, templates, and content library that will power the websites.

Step 3 - Roll Out Your Websites

Granville Station makes it easy to launch your website program. You can let your site owners create their sites themselves or do it for them. Our system lets you start with a complete website, so you can focus on customizing each site. You can choose to charge for your sites with our integrated billing, offer domain registration, and much more.

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